Two selections from a series of films we shot and directed for Monocle.

Called to the Bar: Yoshida-san has been making cocktails in Ginza for 68 years. At 88, he shows no signs of stopping. Here, he shares with us tips for making his famous Martini.

Novel Ideas: A short film to celebrate the opening of this revolutionary bookstore concept in Tokyo.

英国発、世界の最先端を届ける情報誌 “MONOCLE(モノクル)”の映像シリーズからセレクション、二つ。

“Called to the Bar: 88歳でもまだまだ現役、吉田さん、そう知る人ぞ知る彼のマルティーニをつくる秘訣を魅せてくれます。

“Novel Ideas” 代官山に新規オープンした、蔦屋書店(TSUTAYA BOOKS)を祝すショート・フィルム。